Herkimer Blueberries

Our 2020

Blueberry Season is Different

Please read carefully


 No public U-pick this season.  No exceptions.  This is because of the COVID-19 pandemic and

 our prioritized commitment to both your and our family's safety.


 However, beginning on July 20 there will be two ways to purchase pre-picked blueberries

 from our farm:


    1. Local produce markets T&J's in Herkimer, Juliano's in Schuyler, Richfield Springs Co-op

        and MAWS in Newport will offer them.


    2. Direct farm sales with us through the following reservation process **ONLY**


           A.    Quantity and cost:   There is a 1-flat minimum (8 quarts), only complete flats will

                   be sold, the price is $44 per flat, and only exact change in the form of cash or check

                   will be accepted.


           B.    Ordering:   Call 315-867-5735 and leave message.  That phone # is a landline and

                   does not accept text messages. Provide your name, phone number, and the desired                    number of flats.  We will call you back to schedule the pick-up day and time, and

                   inform you of the total cost.

                   Note - only certain to-be-determined hours will be available for pickup.


           C.    If sick do not come:   If you or any of your vehicle's passengers are not feeling well

                   on the day of, or days leading up to, pickup then please do not come to our farm.


           D.    Upon arrival and transaction:   Address is 1080 Steuben Hill RD in Herkimer. Upon                    arrival, drive to the marked pick-up location, and we will walk to your car.  You and

                   any passengers must stay inside your vehicle at all times, and we expect you to

                   wear a mask.  Tell us your name, confirm how many flats you ordered, and provide                    payment.


           E.    Berries put in your vehicle:   We will be wearing a mask and disposable gloves, and

                   will bring your berries out and set them in your vehicle.  Note: the cardboard

                   carriers are yours to keep - we do not want them back.


           F.    Conditions:   We reserve the right to refuse service if we believe any of A–D are

                  not being honored, reserved berries of no-shows will not be held, and we cannot                   guarantee any reservation because pre-picked berries are not always available.



 We thank you for your interest in our berries and we wish you and your family good health.



     The Wereszczak Family