HBB - About

It all began in the early 1980s somewhat on a whim. After decades of having black

angus cows and then boarding horses on his scenic farm on Steuben Hill Rd in Herkimer,

Al Wereszczak (pronounced Wer'-zak) decided he wanted to try something different. He proceeded to adapt his nurturing green thumb to the planting of a few hundred blueberry seedlings. That experiment expanded after a few years and evolved into the present patch with over 3500 thriving and irrigated blueberry bushes on 5 manicured acres.



Al Wereszczak has been running the blueberry patch and operation

for over 25 years. Al's shown here with several of his grandchildren.

The public has been coming to Steuben Hill Rd for over 25 years in July and August

to pick, buy, and enjoy our blueberries. If you have never been here, then we

invite you to visit us for the first time. If you are one of our many loyal

customer friends, then we look forward to seeing you again.