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Opening Day:  in July (date TBD)

The upcoming 2018 blueberry crop looks great. [03Jun2018]


Prepping Bushes for 2018 Crop

* The annual pruning of the blueberry patch was completed in November.. [Nov2017]
* The entire patch was mulched. [Oct2017]
* Special thanks go out to Stan,
our Farm Manager, for both these efforts


2017 Season Recognition

We wish to recognize the many hard-working people who helped us this season. Sincere thanks go out to Stan, Alek, Anna, Ava, Benny, Elliott, Kaye, Olivia, Ana, Luba and family, Dmitriy and family, Sergei, Natalie and family, and Vasily and family. Recognition extended to Bernie Armata too of the Herkimer County Cooperative Extension [Aug2017]